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ELXEL is excited to announce the launch of our client’s newly designed webpage! MFX Risk Solutions is a financial services firm in Washington, DC with offices in Kenya & New York City. By providing over 1 billion dollars in loans to small entrepreneurs in developing countries covering more than 45 currencies worldwide, MFX is able to better access foreign exchange hedging tools and financial education that in-turn creates a profound effect on global poverty. (aka they do amazing work!)

It was an absolute delight working with the entire MFX team throughout the development process, and we hope the new design elements, and improved content structure will help continue to drive your impactful message!


In the spirit of our newest client showcase, we thought we’d share some insight on the top 5 Things You Must Do Immediately Post-Website Launch

Notify Your Staff

1st things 1st – keep your staff and coworkers well-informed to create a buzz inside and out of the organization.  Everyone on the team should be educated on the main new features of the website, to ensure any potential customers are provided up-to-date information on your business!

Submit Your Sitemap to Search Engines

New is exciting, but its also unknown to major search engines.  We recommend submitting your sitemap with Google once the website is live – here is a step by step guide on how to get your set up on Google

Spread The Word Over Social Media

Link, Post, Share, Tweet – do it all!  Highlighting the key aspects of the new website is more than enough description for these posts – the best way to grow engagement to your site, is to have your clients take it out for spin.  We’d recommend spreading the word on your company profile accounts, and having key team members share those same posts to increase the overall network reach.

Email Your Current and Potential Clients 

If you haven’t built an email list of your current clients, potential clients, partners, and vendors – we would advise creating one as soon as possible!  An email announcement to all existing clients is a great way to curate or strengthen client relationships, and helps to maintain a positive perspective of your company.  An email campaign to potential clients can be a bit more sensitive in terms of your message – the key is to keep it short, sweet, and focused on the new features that will make it easier for potential clients to do business with you.

Publish a Press Release 

Whether you’re launching a brand new website, or a redesign –  its a big deal!  Crafting a compelling press release detailing your company, the new investment, and ways you’re tackling the biggest issues in your industry is a great way to garner additional exposure for your brand (and hopefully new business along with it!) If you need additional insight on press releases, or PR strategy in general, check out our friends at Moki Media – they’re an awesome, award winning firm based in Washington, DC.

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