6 Simple Design Tips to Improve Your Website

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An engaging website design is important when attracting customers, but don’t lose sight of your website’s main goal: driving revenue up by converting traffic to phone calls, emails, and clients. The more conversions your website produces, the more revenue your business will produce.

Here are six tips you can implement to improve your website’s conversion rates.

  1. Use a responsive design.

According to a study done in 2015, approximately 31% of all traffic in different digital properties came from mobile devices. As technology advances, this number will only increase. Making sure your website is adequately prepared for mobile traffic is a necessity.

What is a responsive website design (RWD)? RWD makes sure that your website adapts to fit any screen – smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, or any other technology platform. This makes sure all of your website information is accessible on any platform.

  1. Choose simplicity over complexity.

Lots of animation and flashy graphics were trendy web designs in the early 2000’s, but using too much will overcrowd your website and make it hard to navigate. Keeping your website clean and simple makes a better impression than going overboard with lots of features.

  1. Say no to stock photos.

Stock photos are great in certain areas of web design, but using them on your company’s ‘about’ page is not one of them. Using photos directly from your business or photos of your team to enhance your website looks the best, and gives your customers confidence in your business.

  1. Simple Navigation.

After consumers land on your website, the information they are looking for needs to be quickly accessible. Keeping a clean navigation will help to not overwhelm your visitors with options. Make sure your navigation follows a clear path of pages and steps so visitors won’t get lost.

  1. Contact page vs. phone number.

Nowadays, many customers would rather contact your business online than talk in person. They would much rather receive information than listen to a sales pitch, so leaving behind contact information rather than a phone number is encouraged.

  1. Remove social-media feeds.

Consumers know how to connect with your brand on social media if they wish to. Including social media feeds crowds your webpage and overwhelms visitors. Instead, opt for placing social icons in the header of your website to link your accounts. That way, visitors have the option to connect or follow your business.

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