Designing for Content Delivery and Personalization

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What’s the best way to keep users coming back to your site?

Make it personal.

A major design trend in 2017 has been focusing more on designing content for delivery. A lot of businesses are struggling with delivering content to the right person at the right time. Personalization of user content has been an increasingly hot topic in recent years, but no one seems to have mastered it yet. The goal of content personalization seeks to provide the user information based on different characteristics such as:

  1. Behavior. What is visitor doing on your site currently? What have they done in the past?
  2. Context. What browser is being used by the guest? What device? How did the visitor end up on your site?
  3. Demographics. Where is your visitor from? Who are they (personally/professionally)?

There’s been many different ways that content personalization has been used across the web already, from visitors manually choosing content recommendations, ‘related’ products, etc.

Researching the demographics of your site visitors and personalizing content to their needs will keep them coming back, generating more traffic and driving your company’s revenue up.

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